About Us

Racing Decals from the Past…Our 17th year in business.

All products Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Back in the late 90’s I was sitting at a car show with friends and someone asked if there was any special way of finding an old Class Winner decal from any of the New York City area drag strips like National Speedway or Westhampton Drag Strip. I did some research and found that even if you could find an original decal from back in the 60’s or 70’s the chances of it being usable were slim.


I had always collected decals since the 60’s back when they were water transfer style but even the old decals I had would not come off the paper backing in warm water. I decided that the only way was to reproduce all of the artwork and graphics for each one and this process has taken me years to do since I had a few thousand old decals to do. The next problem was getting permission from many of the rightful owners who had either a Trademark or Copyright for the images.

The decals or stickers whichever you prefer to call them are made using  a Peel & Stick style and are made to stick to the outside surfaces of just about anything and will last for many years.

This all started out as a hobby and around late 2002 turned into a full time business which has really been a labor of love for me because keeping the names of all these great companies, speed shops, drag strips, circle tracks, associations and different racing legends alive is what it is all about for me.


I have had many decal collectors contact and offer to send me hundreds of the decals you see on this site so that could be reproduced for others to enjoy for year to come and I thank every one of them for sharing their very valuable collection with me.


When I look at a decal what I’m really doing is thinking about all the wonderful memories and the fun times and I can almost hear the noise and smell the nitro fumes again. I hope the decals bring back some great memories for you.    Jim Hill